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Why Choose Us

● Our History

Taizhou Manikin Co., Ltd. is recognized as a leading of decorative wall panels manufacturer in the world. 

Our technical and expertise leads to our unique and innovative products. Together with excellent management and manufacturing technology, we supply for high-end decorative market and provide practical solutions to bring color and inspiration to any space with our rich experience and professional knowledge.

● Our Product

Manikin offers decorative materials and honeycomb drywall panels for clients all over the world.
Our decorative materials as follow:

Art Resin Decorative Materials

Art Resin Decorative Materials.jpg 

Crystal Decorative Materials

Crystal Decorative Materials.jpg

Bubble Decorative Materials

Bubble Decorative Materials.jpg

Diamond Decorative Materials

Diamond Decorative Materials.jpg

Translucent Marble Decorative Materials

Translucent Marble Decorative Materials.jpg

Manikin honeycomb drywall panels includes fiber cement panels, gypsum panels, calcium silicate panels and paper composite panels. 

Fire-proof Dryall panel


Our main customers are from Europe, Americas and Asia. We also cooperate with well-known brands, like BMW, Adidas, Dior, Lancôme, etc.

● Product Application

Our decorative panels are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, including office, hotel, casino, bar, shopping malls and a variety of major events (such as TV studio, theatre, fashion shows and indoor/outdoor exhibitions).

Manikin products can be expanded to applications such as: sliding doors, lighting boards, partitions, tables, floors, displays, reception, lounge and office, shelves, ceiling, high-profile floors, screens, furniture, advertisement board, lighting systems and so on.


● Our factory & equipment

factory & equipment.jpg

● Our service

Manikin can also produce decorative panels according to your requirements for colors and finishes.
Before purchasing, we will recommend the most suitable products according to their unique requirements and ideas to meet customer's demands.

Our quality process review the quality of all factors involved in production, insuring you'll get the perfect products.

Before delivery, we promise to let customers know the production status. We will make sure that manufacturing is strictly carried out and delivery date will be strictly met according to our contract stipulation.