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Architectural Resin Panels

Model antique fleur: Antique fleur Resin Panel is designed with the leaves of antique fleur inside the resin panel. And it is recycled resin panel. Parameter Material: PETG Interlayer: Natural element Dimensions: 48" * 96" (1200mm *2400mm) / 48" *114" (1200mm *...

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Whether you want to design an amazing feature wall or partitions, our sophisticated panels bring impact to any space.  Our easy to install modular systems can be used in virtually any application. Whether made from translucent resin, fiberglass reinforced plastic or high-pressure laminate, our architectural panels offer an unparalleled range of design options, patterns, texture and color.

High Gloss Acrylic panels are ideal for modern look in both residential and commercial markets. Vivid, lightweight and stronger than glass, it’s a sophisticated solution that improves any room. Manikin Architectural Resin Panels panels are made from two layers of acrylic, co-extruded into a single sheet. A vibrant color layer is fused with a stunningly clear top layer to create a panel of incredible depth, gloss and clarity.

Manikin Architectural Resin Panels panels are designed to integrate product innovation, design leadership and market appeal with versatility and “green” requirements. Our simplified product specifications and availability of local and regional inventories streamline your ability to specify an architectural quality, eco-friendly panel in your next project.

Material: PETG resin
Dimensions: 48" * 96" (1200mm *2400mm)
Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 24mm
Finished: Glossy / Matte / Sandstone / Burshed / Diffusion / Patina / Moire / Stucco / Supermatte

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