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Divider Screen

Resin panels divider screens can be "dressed up" to adjust to any theme that your room has. You can cover it with fabric or natures for a translucent, elegant divider. With resin paint and some materials, you can create designs on the fabric and natures, turn it into an artwork piece.

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Divider Screen / Resin Panels / Translucent


Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ECOO

Type: PETG panels

Service: OEM, ODM

Color&Plants: Customized

Price: Factory direct price

Size: 1200×2400mm; 1200×2980mm

Thickness: 3mm-25mm or customized

Temperature Tolerance: -20-80°c

Fire Resistant: Class B1 (Not easily flammable)


Transport Package: Wooden packages with polyfoam inside

Finishes: sandstone, gloss, matte, brushed, diffusion, patina, moiré, stucco, supermatte.

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Fossil Leaf Series

Resin Panels with Grass (1).jpg

Harvest Series

Resin Panels Decorative (6).jpg

Ginkgo Series


Adding room dividers is a practical way to partition large spaces into smaller, more workable areas. While adding permanent walls are more costly, they also limit the homeowner's freedom to change or move things around. That is why room dividers are important in every home. The most common room divider type is the screen panel, and resin panels have quickly gained popularity through the years.

Resin panels divider screens can be "dressed up" to adjust to any theme that your room has. You can cover it with fabric or natures for a translucent, elegant divider. With resin paint and some materials, you can create designs on the fabric and natures, turn it into an artwork piece. You can also use fabrics with designs that define a certain theme, like Chinese or Indian.

Some resin panels dividers are covered with plants, which can give your room a beach, country or European feel. When used with these deigns, it can be used for an Asian-inspired or Hawaiian theme. By adjusting the shade and thickness of the material, you can make the divider thicker or more transparent, depending on your preference. Resin panels can make divider an interesting piece of décor.

Resin panels room dividers are versatile as they are durable. To bring the outdoors in, folding dividers can be used like a French door that opens to a garden or patio. For those who love nature, their rooms can be designed in such a way that resin dividers separate the main room from a mini-garden filled with flowers.

Whatever theme your room has, whatever privacy needs you have, there is one resin panels divider perfect for you.

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Amazon Series

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Thatch Series

Birch Resin Panels (6).jpg

Birch Series


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