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Recycled Resin Panels

Using organic, environmentally friendly materials as the base,recycled resin panels are produced to be non-toxic and non-pollutant producing, recyclable, and energy-saving.

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Product Details

Recycled Resin Panels / Architectural Resin Panels / Translucent

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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ECOO

Type: PETG panels


Service: OEM, ODM

Color&Plants: Customized

Price: Factory direct price

Size: 1200×2400mm; 1200×2980mm

Temperature Tolerance: -20-80°c

Fire Resistant: Class B1 (Not easily flammable)

Transport Package: Wooden packages with polyfoam inside

Thickness: 3mm-20mm or customized

Finishes: sandstone, gloss, matte, brushed, diffusion, patina, moiré, stucco, supermatte.

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Nature Collection, inspired by nature and its elements.

This collection reflects forests, leaves, birch, petals and many natural objects bringing in material for your design intents and extreme ideal for nature concerned architectural applications.

Product instructions: Recycled Resin Panels install with hardware or combine with other material such as wood,glass,metal or use as home decoration directly.

Product use: Recycled Resin Panels are preferred to use in wide range areas where elegance is priority, such as; ceiling, wall covering, sliding doors, partitions, lighting and custom decorative objects.

Use industry: Recycled Resin Panels are preferred to use in field of home, advertisement, architect, exhibition, hospitality, IT, Health care, education.

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Product Style: Nature 

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Quality rating: A Grade


Environmentally Friendly: Using organic, environmentally friendly materials as the base; Recycled Resin Panels are produced to be non-toxic and non-pollutant producing, recyclable, and energy- saving.

Natural Kind of Art:Through meticulous selection of the best organic material and processed through an even more rigorous color extraction processing, a timeless Recycled Resin Panel is produced.

Excellent Processing Performance: Suitable for all kinds of processing,  such as grinding, milling, drilling, polishing,  sawing and / or forming (hot or cold), it can easily satisfy any large scale projects.

GreenGuard® certification: Recycled Resin Panels are made from recycled materials, translucent.

Economical: Recycled Resin Panels are not easily broken during transportation.

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Environmentally Friendly

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Natural Kind of Art


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