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Resin Panels Partition

We specialize in resin panels! Office partition resin panel!

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Product Details
Resin Panels Partition
Standard size1220*2440mm
Thickness3-30mm or customized
PackageStandard wooden cases

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About Manikin

Manikin as one of the biggest resin panels manufacturer in China, we offer full ranges of high performance resin panels.

Our resin panels series can display numerous of panels for interior environments application.

The architects and designers would widen their imagination to combine color and materials to create their design which show wonderful performance.

Our company is located in Shanghai, our eco resin panels have used in a wide variety of applications including partitions, door inserts, ceiling, wall cladding, furniture, lighting, countertops and signage.

Manikin team has worked together on large scale projects ranging from the China to all over the world.


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1.Nature plant, eco-friendly resin.

2.Durable unbroken.

3.Good translucent PETG raw material.

4.Solid surface.

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5.Eco-friendly: full recycled, nontoxic, allowing for food contact.(FDA Standard)

6.Lightweight: Half the density of glass, which makes easier installation and lightsome flexible design possible.

7.Safety: Excellent fire rating to Class B1, toxic gas and gutta shall not be produced by combustion.

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8.Stable in chemical properties: good resistance to chemical attack, nonbrowning and anti-aging with UV stabilizer.

9.Stable in physical properties: high gloss and transparency(93%), HDT(Heat Deflection Temperature) can be up to 85 degree.

10.Excellent impact strength:40 times of glass, 10 times of PMMA(arcylic).

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11.Mechanically sound: post-formable into virtually any shape or size(heat form, cold bend) without blushing and cracking. High surface hardness: anti-scratch, surface can be renewable.

12.Ideal decoration in door, such as background walls, ceiling, stairway’s handrail, light through door frame, round or square pillars, column, lamps, etc.

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