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Resin Panels With Grass

Natural and harmonious with rustic comfort, resin panels with grass is a recognizable European and American home construction material.

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Resin Panels with Grass

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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ECOO

Type: PETG panels

Service: OEM, ODM

Color&Plants: Customized

Price: Factory direct price

Size: 1200×2400mm; 1200×2980mm

Thickness: 3mm-25mm or customized

Temperature Tolerance: -20-80°c

Fire Resistant: Class B1 (Not easily flammable)


Transport Package: Wooden packages with polyfoam inside

Finishes: sandstone, gloss, matte, brushed, diffusion, patina, moiré, stucco, supermatte.

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1.Free of Heavy Metals – Certified by SGS.

2.High Impact Strength - Impact strength is 40 times that of glass. A strong and durable product that provides much safety for your family.

3.Compliant with regulatory requirements for food contact management authorities, it is non-toxic and non-pollutant producing.

Innovative Design:

Innovative Design, Rich in Style, Practical and Decorative.

1.Natural and harmonious with rustic comfort, resin panels with grass is a recognizable European and American home construction material.

2.Natural beauty is preserved by using organic materials such as plants, fiber, shells etc. that were carefully selected by hand.

3.Translucency can be adjusted by surface treatments. This ensures privacy and at the same time creates a separate space with its own ambiance.

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Environmentally Friendly: Resin Panels with Grass using organic, environmentally friendly materials as the base; Resin Panels with Grass are produced to be non-toxic and non-pollutant producing, recyclable, and energy- saving.

FDA Standard: Resin Panels with Grass using the uniform environmental friendly material meeting the regulatory requirements for food contact management.

Excellent Weather Resistance: Resin Panels with Grass add UV stability coating, can used for outdoors.

GreenGuard® certification: Resin Panels with Grass are made from recycled materials, translucent.

LEED Credits: Resin Panels with Grass are ideal for LEED-certified commercial buildings.

Outstanding Thermoforming Performance: Resin Panels with Grass can easily formed to create complex curves and shapes, can be made into different shape.

Excellent Cutting Process: Resin Panels with Grass can be realized with a CNC drilling machine.

Innovative Technology: The use of American production technology to ensure smoothness and sturdiness of Resin Panels with Grass.

Economical: Resin Panels with Grass are not easily broken during transportation.


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