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Exterior Wall Panels

As a composite material with excellent performance, simple and unique structure, saving resources and energy, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, cushioning, heat insulation, noise reduction, smooth surface, and not easy to deform.

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The raw materials we use include waste paper, plant fiber, crop waste, sawdust, etc., using waste materials to achieve environmental protection.


Originated from the honeycomb structure, this is a structure that has been repeatedly proven by scientists and is recognized as the world's most stable structure, the most economical material, the lightest weight, the highest specific strength and the highest specific stiffness.

Hexagonal six-sided prismatic arrangement and a series of continuous honeycomb network structures can disperse external forces from multiple sides, making it resistant to crushing forces, higher than any round or square, even with thin materials is also like this.


Originating from the cavity structure, the paper honeycomb composite wall is a self-insulating wall, which does not absorb heat, does not store heat, and has very small convection heat transfer. It is an outstanding insulating material.

The principle is to use the cavity of the cavity to close the static vacuum negative pressure inert gas without tropospheric pores to block the heat transfer energy, effectively suppress the convection and radiation heat transfer, and achieve the purpose of heat insulation.


When sound waves are transmitted from the outside to the panel, the microporous panel absorbs a portion of the sound waves by its own thickness barrier.

The residual sound waves are transmitted to the inner layer sandwich, and the closed cavity structure acts to cause the sound waves to undergo secondary refraction to change the direction of the sound wave.

On the other hand, paper flexibility causes the sound waves to decay rapidly, and the layers hinder the blocking of sound waves.


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