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Ecological resin board! Green new material! How amazing!
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The ecological resin plate is also known as a light-permeable resin plate, which is made of a non-crystalline copolymer through high temperature laminating process. The raw material of ecological resin plate is a polyester PETG, which is a kind of non-crystalline copolyester.

The characteristics of

1. Excellent fire protection grade: class B1, non-toxic and aromatic, no corrosive smoke, no drops;

2. Excellent impact strength: 40 times of ordinary glass and 8 times of acrylic;

3. Mechanical properties: can any modelling design, cold bending and hot bending stress free and no efflorescence, 100 times the minimum bending radius of the thickness of the plate (350 times the minimum bending radius is the thickness of the acrylic);

4. The surface of high hardness, high thermal deformation temperature of 74 ℃, non-toxic comply with FDA standards (can be in contact with food);

5. Stable chemical performance: no yellowing, transparency and high refractive index;

6. Lightness: the total amount is 1/2 of the glass, and the installation is safe and convenient, making the design more flexible and flexible.

7. Ecological environment protection: LEED certification, no pollution to the environment, 100% recyclable.


The ecological resin board is divided into several categories according to its production techniques and decorative pattern.

1. Natural elements

Plant roots, stems, leaves, veins, and other elements from nature are arranged in a variety of design patterns, arranged in an arbitrary manner, one to multiple layers.

The natural style of eco - resin boards can be found in noisy cities.

2. Industrial elements

Metallic gold foil, silver foil, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, various shapes of gold wire, silver wire, copper wire; Broken colored glass beads, metallic shells, shell broken; Various weaving methods of gold mesh, silver mesh, copper network and other weaving nets; Even recycled cans can be recycled into a unique design of the texture ecological resin board.

3. Wood skin elements

Natural wood veneer, wood science and technology, different lines, different style, different dyeing process, different hollow out wood veneer, different thickness, wood chips, wood chips, wood, wood, wood, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo board, bamboo pieces can be in ecological resin plate composite package.

You can imagine the beautiful details of the design elements of this technology.

4. Fabric elements

Cotton, linen, wool, polyester, chemical fiber, fiber woven cloth, such as lines, all kinds of decorative pattern, various color, various light transmittance, the line of various fashion, visible textile texture is used as a plank to pack, pervious to light condole top, pervious to light partition, pervious to light door, especially after superposition of fabrics, wrong layer, water lines, let you be fall in love.

5. Relief texture series.

Embossed texture series is the combination of natural and organic, with imports of different dies, suppress different textures, different texture of concave and convex texture, a variety of water lines, Mosaic stripes, round, square, triangle, line, diamond grain any development and design, one integrated mass of transparent style, instead of a glass of cold, modern and fashion, avant-garde and strokes.

Fold the honeycomb element.

Cooperate with interior hollow design style, various materials: PC; PP; Aluminum hole, various sizes, a variety of different hole shape, a variety of different thickness, ecological after hot melt laminating resin on the honeycomb core, internal pressure is spherical, has a unique water effect, through the light, see the flickering glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, or hazy color with frosted effect, after the refraction of light, the shadow dancing, like a ballet dancer, clever and dazzling.

Construction and installation

Ecological resin plate has wide USES, mainly used in public buildings and home decoration, such as lamp panel, ceiling panel, background wall, decorative square column, mesa, partition, screen, cabinet door, closet door, and so on.