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Ecological transparent panel office partition decoration first choice
- Apr 08, 2018 -

In office decoration, there will be a partition. When modern commercial buildings are built, in order to ensure the flexibility of the office area, the main pillars are built, and the office space is very large. Keep enough space for owners to meet the needs of different owners. The general office is divided into several Spaces, the manager's office, the finance room, the public office area, the meeting room, the reception room, etc. These Spaces are designed to be built with force.

The characteristics of office ecological transparent panel partition.

Ecology through plate itself has good pervious to light quality and transparency, give a person a kind of can't fade feeling warm and bright, to improve the visual range of the space, even in space is not large enough, not enough spacious office also won't feel depressive feeling, with transparent glass partition to decorate the office can make the whole vacation, looks very spacious.

1, plant ecology through plate and the ecology through plate partition of aluminum alloy with the simple sense of elegance to the person, and can fully use of ecological plate permeability to gather the light, to create a different environment and atmosphere, plant ecology through plate partition most expressed interest, soft, the importance of accurate material.

2. The ecological transparent plate of the frosted surface is equipped with aluminum alloy, which has a very strong hidden nature, which has a kind of fuzzy aesthetic feeling, which naturally shows the various properties that it possesses. It can also be combined with transparent glass, painted glass and triamine. More indoor beauty.

3. Transparent glass is often combined with the leaves, also known as the shutter. It can be used to adjust indoor lighting and indoor privacy and openness by hand. The most commonly used in the hallway, finance, manager, sensible office, more air, beautiful.