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High - grade plant transparent board into home decoration.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Plant transparent plate belongs to high-grade adornment plank, with the rise of social economy level, walk into household adornment to decorate. Have you ever seen a natural plant added to a unique formula made of transparent panels? The sunshine through it will change extremely downy, be more suitable to use in decorating in the home than craft glass, give a person sweet feeling.

Plants through plate also can saying is a kind of new composite material, using plastic PETG copolyester, join in the process of hot melt textile, metal, paper, plants, leaves, and other special materials, its are main the feature is reusable, green environmental protection, in accordance with the present trend. It not only can make indoor partition, screen, also can make TV setting wall, smallpox condole top, application fields, such as mobile door, more extensive, summarized and can be used in household mesa, setting wall, ceiling, tea table, lamp act the role ofing, mobile door, etc. Household decorates with plants through plate can introduce the beauty of nature indoors, and it also can let the thoughts and grade show in their own living environment, in addition to used in home outfit, also can be used for tooling.