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How to maintain the artificial marble?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1. Basic maintenance

Artificial marble products have good physical properties: food, dust, bacteria can't penetrate its surface. Daily maintenance only needs to sponge, add neutral detergent to wipe, can keep clean; To disinfect with diluted household bleach (1:3 or 1:4) with water to mediate or other disinfection liquid medicine to wipe the surface, please remember to take a towel to wipe the stain, timely keep mesa as dry as possible.

2. Special care

Some stain removal procedures for stubborn stains should be based on the polishing degree on the surface of the plate: the surface of the subsurface: polish the detergent with a decontamination cleaner, then wash it and dry it with a dry towel. Take a cleaning cloth to wipe the whole table over time to keep it clean. Semi - smooth surface: clean with a non - abrasive cleanser with a baize cloth, dry with a towel, and use non - abrasive polishing to enhance the surface gloss effect.

3. Solutions for special problems (knife marks, scratches, burn marks).

One of the advantages of the artificial marble countertop is that it can be repaired after a scratch or damage. Most scratches can be removed as follows. To consult the product sales consultant for serious cuts and injuries. As well as removing dirt, removing cuts and scratches also requires a different surface.

To sum up, artificial marble is a kind of wrong adornment material, not only appearance is beautiful atmosphere, and also convenient to answer. The thickness of the artificial marble is also divided into different specifications. Good command of artificial marble.