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The joint of the artificial transparent stone bonding site.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

How to splice the artificial light stone? What problems should be paid attention to?

1. The site environment should be clean and tidy to avoid dust and powder.

2. The junction area will be wiped clean with the water.

3. Fixed fixtures for joint operation shall be prepared.

4. The joints should be reserved between 1.5-2mm wide and should be covered with the sealing material (transparent tape), so as to avoid the leakage of adhesive.

5. bonding area of pouring machine or hand grinding machine grinding bevel Angle 45 °.

6. Tools and hands should be cleaned.

7. different color with different special resin pulp add 8% unsaturated resin curing agent (namely the whitewater, note: can't contact with the skin, such as welcome immediately wash clean with clear water), stir well.

8. Immediately fill the seam with the same color glue to the seam, and fill the gap between 1/3 and 1/2 full.

9. After stirring, the same color glue will harden after 14 to 20 minutes. Please use it within 20 minutes.

10. Close the joint at the seam, and make sure that the glue is extruded above the seam line, so that the clamping device is fixed and not removed.

11. After complete hardening (about two hours), the excess glue will be smoothed with a hand mill, and then polished with 320# or 1000# sandpaper.