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Traditional architecture - the penetration of transparent panels.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Every time you go into a big shopping mall, you'll notice that there are a couple of large buildings in it, some of them very avant-garde, some very special. But these indoor construction projects are generally not common. Why? Because these buildings are not made of some traditional building materials, and the new generation of building materials - transparent panels.

The appearance of transparent panels has made many indoor construction projects look brand-new. The old traditional building plate is firm, but it does not have many changes and breakthroughs in the design, and the penetration of the light plate fills this gap. In fact, the transparency board is based on the advanced production process and has acquired many characteristics of traditional building materials. Excellent ductility makes it possible to make a lot of breakthrough in the design of a lot of difficult design. The heat insulation performance makes the indoor space temperature better balanced; Sound insulation makes places like libraries more quiet. There are a lot of characteristics of the transparent panel, which is mainly located in the high-end market, and it is certainly true that some of the most difficult large buildings should be selected through the light plate.