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Transparent panel maintenance and maintenance? Do you need a special order?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Because of the transparent panel decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance in the process of use, so that it can be used for several years to smooth and bright. Today, I'm going to teach you some ways to maintain the light.

Transparent panel maintenance and maintenance?

Through plate itself has the function of the fouling resistance, water resistance, and most construction location away from the bathroom, kitchen, such as pollution or high moisture, so the dirt probability is low, usually will dust brushed with dry cloth.

If the surface of the transparent surface is dirty, can be wiped with water, or with a soft cloth to wipe with alcohol; If you want to keep light, use a soft cloth dipped in wax or sheep oil to keep the light shining.

It is best not to leave aside the some high temperature objects directly in the plate above, such as hot pot, the article such as cigarette butts, these will give the mesa plate for different degrees of damage, if be sure to put these items, such as heat insulation pads and ashtrays should put in on the plate.

It is best not to put some larger item long placed on the transparent plate, especially some surface is rough, if they are long-term and friction plate, it is easy to scratched through the surface of the plate, fully makes the plate surface is not smooth, gloss looks is not so bright.

Do you need a special order for the transparency?

If there is a special size and shape in the case, we will understand the demand of the case and return the quotation of the company. If we confirm the order, we will ask the customer to provide the sample to avoid the error of the real product.

Pervious to light stone except plane block splicing, according to customer demand, but also to bending machining, surface polishing treatment and cutting into various shapes, and other special use of the product itself to grain, properly arrange collage (such as: right oblique upward, right down), can make result of flowers.