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Transparent plate is the original element that design fashionable environmental protection space partition
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Partition is the means of limited space but not completely separate space, use partition can distinguish different nature of space, and realize the intercommunication between space. Partition is very common, but most of the design is not good, technology and art are not combined skillfully. The partition design needs to pay attention to the problem, the image shape, the partition does not bear heavy, the choice material's importance. The freedom of modeling is very large, and the design should pay attention to the change of height, length, and reality. Match colors. Partition is the part color of whole space should and the basic part of the bedroom is coordinated and consistent. Material selection and processing. We can carefully select and process materials to achieve good image shaping and beautiful color matching. Especially partition is a kind of non-pure functional component, so the adornment effect of the material can put in the first place. Transparent panel is the original element of design fashionable environmental protection space partition!