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What is the difference between a light-transmitting resin board and an ordinary transparent panel?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1. Ecological and environmental protection: there is no pollution in the production process. The raw materials are 100% imported from South Korea's SK and the United States, and the materials themselves are 100% degradable polymer resin.

2. Raw materials for the FDA food contact certification, no peculiar smell, do not contain formaldehyde, in Europe and the United States has been widely used in medical treatment and the adornment of the education industry, and the U.S. are intensify efforts to promote the unique environmental protection materials, encourage the use of the material and research and development;

3. B1 level flame retardant: UVST resin products for flame retardant and flame retardant grade product certification, good guarantee the security of the building and interior left resin products will automatically put out the flame, burning without poison gas and peculiar smell, to avoid the security hidden danger in architecture and interior.

4. UVST ecological resin product raw material itself have resistance to UV ultraviolet ray function, 100% wrapped up the compound, plants and so on fabric material, to ensure the material color lasting and fresh, indoor provide 10 years warranty, outdoor warranty five years;

5. Ecosystem resin plate after five UVST that strict production process, good deformation of plastic material, eliminate or reduce the stress between the molecules (intermolecular stress is the main cause of the plastic deformation of materials).

6. Excellent product processing characteristics are also possible for various geometrical applications of architecture and interior design. Cold bending is not white, and it is not cracked. Hot bending various hyperboloids and single surface, the shape is unlimited, infinite space geometry element reverie.