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A Simple Introduction To Drywall
- Apr 08, 2018 -

It is the main raw material of the building gypsum, with the right amount of additives and fiber to make the core, with the special plate paper as the protective surface, processed into the plate. The paper plasterboard has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, strong processing performance and simple construction method.

There are many types of plasterboard, and there are three types of drywall plasterboard on the market:

1 common paper plasterboard.

Ivory white board core, grey paper, is the most economical and common variety. It is suitable for use without special requirement, and the use site has a continuous relative humidity of no more than 65%.

Because of price reason, many people like to use 9.5 mm thick regular gypsum board to do between the ceiling or wall, but because of the 9.5 mm regular gypsum board is thin, the intensity is not high, prone to deformation under wet conditions, it is recommended that use more than 12 mm gypsum board. At the same time, the use of thicker plate is also an effective means to prevent crack.

2 waterproof paper plasterboard.

Its core plate and protective paper all through the waterproof processing, according to the requirements of national standard, the water resistant gypsum board paper and board core is must meet the waterproof requirement (surface water quantity is not more than 160 grams, bibulous rate is less than 10%). Waterproof paper plasterboard is suitable for the use of continuous relative humidity no more than 95%, such as toilet, bathroom, etc.

3 fire-resistant paper gypsum board.

The core is filled with refractory materials and a large amount of fiberglass. If you cut the plasterboard, you can see a lot of fiberglass from the section. Good quality refractory paper gypsum board will use refractory glass fiber, the general products are chosen medium or high alkali glass fiber. The plasterboard is made of natural gypsum and surface paper as the main raw material, and it is incorporated into lightweight building sheet made of fiber, starch, coagulant, foaming agent and water.