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Decorative Material Sheet And Craft
- Apr 08, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people on work environment, quality of life requirement also more and more high, the building decorates nature have been paid much attention by people, all kinds of decorated resplendent and magnificent hotel, hotel, office buildings, and various kinds of fashionable household decoration, add many colors for our city, make our living environment and quality of life have greatly improved. China's construction decoration materials are rich in resources, the market is huge, the development prospect is very broad. Especially after China's accession to "WTO", the adornment of the foreign advanced materials and construction technology in our country, to our country's market bring great impact, therefore, use of the resources of our favorable conditions and broad market, the rapid development of our country building decoration materials market is imminent. The following are some architectural decoration materials and their construction techniques.

Veneer veneer veneer is a kind of decorative material used in China in recent years. Its surface is beautiful and wood is saved. It is widely used in furniture and family wood decoration. Wood veneer material according to different raw materials and processing technology of divided into: two categories, natural and man-made, natural wood veneer material is based on all kinds of natural material with high quality raw material, the rotary cutting or cutting machining roll into a thickness of 0.2 1.0 mm wood chip, it presents a variety of precious wood texture ornamental design, grain clarity, colour and lustre is clear, paste in ordinary wood or artificial base material surface, obtain natural luxury elegant adornment effect. Artificial two sub-companies named seaport is 34 PI eces, aspen fast-growing soft hardwood material, such as the spiral sliced, dyeing glued into the embryo, and then plane slice, it is more colorful than natural flakes and novel texture ornamental design. Such as cork sheet affixed to the wall to have special aesthetic feeling. Our country is still in the initial stage, but it can save the high-grade wood and the market prospect is good. The size of the wafer is about 100-200 mm x 1800-2500 mm (width x length).

The veneer of thin wood sheet material is simpler, but the operation should be careful, commonly used for furniture and wooden adornment corner line foot, use white glue to insert affix. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points: the quality of the base level must be excellent, the Angle of the angular line is curved, the joint must be straight, the edges and corners are clear, and the surface is flat and no bump; The length of the Angle line is calculated and the width of the wafer is selected reasonably. The glue should not be too thick, careful and pasted, so that it can connect with each line. When painting construction, can not be too hard to polish, especially the corner area. Due to the flexibility of the sheet, the design of wood decoration has a large degree of freedom, which is widely used in furniture and wood decoration decoration.

Bamboo plastic floor bamboo plastic floor is the new rise of indoor floor, have good brightness, wear-resistant hard deformation is small, slightly elastic foot feeling good, color natural advantages and equivalent to that of wood floor, and in the south China is rich in bamboo resources, bamboo plastic flooring market prospect is very wide, is widely used in residential, office, gym and music dance hall, etc. The specifications are generally about 60-900 mm x 80-90 mm x 14-15 mm, and the thin type is about 600 mm x 60 mm x 5 mm. The quality requirements of the materials: there is no moth and mildew in the appearance, smooth surface of the corner surface, no obvious fracture, 8% to 14% water content, and the strength of bamboo is greater than 2.5mpa.

Thin bamboo plastic floor construction technology: the basic level processing - wood joist installation - pin 9 mm thick plywood for lining plate (flatness 2 ‰) or less to play line, assembling thin bamboo veneer article (with white adhesive on the lining plate and gas nail machine into fine copper nail fixed) to install skirting board, embedded batch of be bored with child - polishing - floor paint spraying and maintenance.

Artificial stone veneer resin board: board is used in the manufacture of artificial stone facing resin cementation material divided into: organic man-made stone veneer resin plate, inorganic artificial stone veneer resin plate and composite artificial stone facing resin plate. With organic man-made stone veneer application is more, it is with unsaturated polymerase for cement, marble, dolomite fines as filling material, match with a suitable amount of silica sand ceramic beads etc fine aggregate to join all kinds of pigment and forming additives, high strength, smooth surface, resistance to chemical attack, but easy to buckling deformation. After years of research and development and introduction of foreign advanced technology, the product quality has been improved, and the variety of products has now entered the application of advanced decoration.