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How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Three From The Paper Plasterboard, The Silicon Calcium Plate And The Calcium Silicate Board?
- Apr 08, 2018 -


1. The difference of the protective paper: high-quality paper plasterboard is used for imported raw wood pulp paper, which is light and thin, with high strength, smooth surface, no stains, long fiber and good toughness. Inferior paper plasterboard is made of domestic recycled paper pulp produced paper, heavier and thicker, poor strength, surface roughness, from the surface of gypsum board sometimes can see oil spots, fragile crack.

2. The difference of gypsum core material selection: high-quality plasterboard is used as the raw material of core material, while the poor quality of paper plasterboard has little control over the purity of raw materials. Low purity gypsum mines contain a large amount of harmful substances which can greatly affect the performance of gypsum board.

3, adhesive paper: paper knife in gypsum board surface draw a 45 degree Angle "fork", and then where cross unravel paper, can be found that the high quality gypsum board paper is still a good bonding on the gypsum core, gypsum core body naked; And the paper of inferior paper face plasterboard is able to tear most or all paper surface, gesso core completely naked.

The calcium silicon board:

Check the quality of calcium silicate board, first of all to see whether the surface is clean, flat, whether there is damage. Next to see whether the same batch of boards have off color, finally see the calcium silicon board composition, see if there is a small white side, good do not contain asbestos without white spots, harmless to the human body, the difference of the raw material is very bad with white dots, contain asbestos, carcinogenic, density differ a lot

Calcium silicate plate:

Direct visual observation to identify: if have a piece of the sample of the calcium silicate board, then look at its next to face directly, see if flank surface has a lot of small white point, those white dots is asbestos.

Use fire to identify calcium silicate plates:

The calcium silicate board is the fire board, so it is useless to directly use fire in a perfectly good sheet. Before the fire must use the method to break the plank, notice, do not use the saw saw directly, if be thin board, use the hand to break off directly, if be thick board, use hammer to break it. After get off, you will send now cross section inside was full of small lines, these tiny threads or is asbestos, otherwise is plant fiber, if be the word that asbestos, burned will be announced after the very impact burning smell, if be the word that plant fiber, burned will be announced after the taste of burning paper. It is easy to tell if the calcium silicate plate is rich in asbestos. If it contains asbestos, it is not a good product.