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Lightweight Partition Board Is A Kind Of Green Building Products
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Modern people's living standard continuously improve, people's pursuit of far is not material, more is to the body health and comfort of life, and for a family of lightweight partition board's building its comfortable and safe with the benefits of beyond words.

According to market research, most people like to own house have good sound insulation effect, who also don't like living next door to all the sound effects to your own life and work, and people will want their house have moistureproof waterproof effect, especially in low floor, my friends, too wet all the year round in the home, for some people with arthritis is a painful thing, and staying time is long, don't also get got rheumatism rheumatism, and who want their house building materials are no pollution, not emit some poisonous substances, it is healthy for your body, such as the appeal of how to resolve these problems? Light partition board can satisfy everybody's wish.

Lightweight partition board has its own ten advantages, the first is environmental protection, fire protection, increasing the using area of the building, integral sex is good, then a is moistureproof waterproof, sound insulation, easy construction, heat insulation, hanging force is strong, lightweight economic advantages. And the light quality partition board, can be cut at will, this also is advantageous to people in the light quality partition board construction after installation is finished, need to open a window to daylighting. The strong and weak sound insulation performance of wallboard is the precondition that determines whether people live normally. The lightweight partition board has a sound insulation partition wall panel, lightweight partition board for people's home and office send a quiet. As far as possible the unit area of each layer material is different and the thickness is the same. In this way, the sound insulation is improved and the sound insulation ability of wall structure is decreased. In cold weather, the lightweight wall panels are ventilated while ensuring energy efficiency and insulation. The living space under the condition of direct sunlight can not only be ventilated, but also can be in the house not need or proper turn on air conditioning system heating, achieve energy-saving effect. According to the manufacture of lightweight partition board material and manufacturing process, greatly ensures the quality problem of the board, the main feature is greatly reduces the chemical composition of add, greatly increase the number of indoor air quality measurements, care for human health, so choose high quality healthy building materials, lightweight partition board is necessary.