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New Shipment Of Aluminum Composite Panels
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Maikin Aluminum composite panels are composed of a honeycomb core of low density Aluminum, bonded to two sheets of fiber cement using a sophisticated bonding process involving chemical adhesives and high temperatures. The surface of the fiber cement sheet is coated available. 

Honeycomb Composite Panels For Sale4.jpg

Manikin Supply provides custom claddings and honeycomb core. The standard stock Aluminum panels are often utilized by the Architectural Industry. With standard size 1200*2400mm and thickness you want, we pack the panels with eco-friendly EPE corners, paper corners and metal pallets.

New Shipment of Aluminum Composite Panels2.jpg

We provide custom panels for architectural applications that have special requirements, such as bigger size 1200*3000mm.

New Shipment of Aluminum Composite Panels3.jpg