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The Difference Between Paper Plasterboard, Silicon Calcium Plate And Calcium Silicate Board.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Paper plasterboard, silicon calcium plate and calcium silicate plate are three different materials.

The plaster board of the paper is mainly made of plaster of the building, which is mixed with the right amount of additives and the fiber to make the core, and the special plate paper is the protective surface, and the finished plate is made. The silicon calcium plate is mainly composed of gypsum, and calcium silicate is composed of quartz, mica and wood fiber.

From the purpose:

Paper plasterboard is widely used in various decoration interior walls. It is used for non-load-bearing wall, interior panel, ceiling, etc. Poor water resistance.

The silicon calcium plate is mainly used for indoor ceiling, and it also has the difference of high and low grade, good quality silicon calcium plate, moisture resistant, fire resistant, anti-fouling, surface clean, good durability. General quality silicon calcium plate, the time is long to produce chromatic aberration.

Calcium silicate board can be used in the partition wall, condole top, surface decoration, firewall, fire protection condole top, steel structure fire prevention, high temperature adiabatic, waterproof. Most environments are applicable.