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The New Favorite Of The Ceiling Fashion
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Ceiling decoration is an important part of decorate, when decorate condole top material and style are very troubled, don't know what to choose which kinds of ceiling type, today small make up recommend to everyone a present of pervious to light the fire board condole top, the transparent plate condole supports because of bright and generous and feminine euphemistic characteristics has attracted a lot of stylist, now let small make up to introduce through plate under the ceiling.

1. The material of the ceiling of the transparent plate.

Transparent board condole top material, unlike ordinary condole top material, general condole top material for polymerization more compression plate, and through board condole top is made of PVC material pervious to light soft membrane, has a good waterproof and fireproof performance. Ordinary condole top if leakage incidents, often cannot waterproof leakage incident, caused the householder home to house property losses, the transparent plate ceiling adopts enclosed design structure, has also had the leakage incident, if can temporarily sewage hold, a good event to deal with. On top of that, the ceiling is absolutely consistent with the national fire safety standards and is rated B1 in professional fire rating.

2. Convenient installation.

Plate have pervious to light membrane material to remove the suspended ceiling, and the material such as glass ceiling, and installation is convenient, can be directly installed on the walls, wood square, steel structure, gypsum board and wall surface, and a variety of building structure is tie-in, and keel only need to turn the screws according to a certain distance can be fixed, easy to install. In addition, through plate ceiling does not produce harmful gases in the construction, also won't produce mass of dust, affect indoor and other decoration is rarely, there will be no impact to other home work

3. Long service life of transparent plate.

After the general condole top decorates to finish, can produce crack, drop color, fall off and so on after the time, but transparent plate condole top is different from ordinary condole top, it has excellent anti-aging performance. Through the ceiling keel plate is divided into two kinds of PVC and aluminum alloy material, and through the main composition is PVC board, panel button edge is also made from PVC and other additives, the original life can reach more than 10 years.

If the panel is pervious to light material, pervious to light condole top has been made in advance before they go out of the BIO - PRUF antibacterial treatment, this will prevent microbial dirt breed on surfaces, such as better indoor household security. If acrylic resin sheet qualitative transparent plate, not only have crystal clear transparency, the transmittance also is above 92%, the light is downy, have very good show color effect.

4. The ceiling is safe and environmentally friendly.

Plate condole compared to common condole top, to be more environmental protection, not only fully meet the domestic and foreign environmental protection standards, all tests and material are all made of environmental materials, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, even in the transportation, installation, use will not bring pollution to environment, advocate environmental protection topic, right up to the present society has created an environmental elegant environment that occupy the home, added a guarantee to the family's safety.