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The Performance Characteristics Of The Plasterboard
- Apr 08, 2018 -

As a new type of building material, paper gypsum board has the following characteristics:

(1) the production energy consumption is low and the production efficiency is high: the energy consumption of the paper plasterboard is 78% less than that of cement production. And the investment is small, the production capacity is large, the process is simple, facilitate mass production.

(2) light quality: the wall is made of plaster board of paper, the weight is only 1/15 of the brick wall of the same thickness, 1/10 of the block wall, which is conducive to the earthquake resistance of the structure, and can effectively reduce the foundation and structure main cost.

(3) thermal insulation: about 60% of the plasterboard core is tiny pores, because the thermal conductivity of the air is small, so it has good light insulation performance.

(4) the fire prevention performance is good: as the gypsum core itself does not burn, and in the process of the release of bound water in case of fire will absorb a lot of heat, delay the increase of ambient temperature, therefore, gypsum board has good fire retardant performance. It is tested by the national fire prevention testing center, and the fire resistance limit can reach 4 hours.

(5) good sound insulation performance: using a single light materials, such as aerated concrete, such as expanded perlite board consisting of single wall body when its thickness is very big to meet the requirements of sound insulation, and gypsum board partition has unique cavity structure, has the very good sound insulation performance.

(6) the decoration function is good: the surface of the plasterboard is flat, and the seamless surface is formed by the joint between the board and the plate, and the surface can be directly decorated.

(7) processing is convenient, good constructability: gypsum board be nails, planing, sawing, can the performance of the adhesive, used for interior decoration, can obtain the ideal decorative effect, simply adjust the knife can be arbitrary to cutting of gypsum board, construction is convenient, use it as a decorative material can greatly improve the efficiency of construction.

(8) comfortable living function: due to the large porosity of gypsum board and the proper distribution of pore structure, it has high permeability. When high indoor humidity, moisture absorption, when the dry air, and can release part of the water, and thus to adjust the indoor humidity play a role, foreign plasterboard of face to this function is called "breathing" function, it is because of plasterboard has the unique "breathing" performance, can adjust indoor humidity within a certain range, make a more comfortable living conditions. 

(9) Plasterboard of face of green environmental protection: adopting natural gypsum and paper as raw material, no asbestos containing harmful to human body (the vast majority of the calcium silicate board and asbestos cement fiberboard were used as the plate reinforced material).