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The Superior Performance Of Lightweight Partition Board Is Widely Used
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Since the emergence of lightweight partition board, more and more applications have been applied to various kinds of construction projects, and its application range is related to its superior performance. Because of its superior performance, it is possible to use a lightweight partition board for various occasions. Here is a look at the performance of the lightweight partition board and its corresponding application range.

1, because of lightweight partition board materials of lightweight, can reduce the structure of wall body weight, reduce the influence of the earthquake, very suitable for high-rise buildings and high intensity, and can be used for external walls, they can directly paste tile.

2. Due to its strong corrosion resistance, it is suitable for all kinds of ventilated environment.

3, as a result of lightweight partition board convenient installation and disassembly, deformation ability is very strong, so using the panels can be easily upgraded and space to break up, especially the buildings are reformed to increase their layers.

4. Lightweight partition board construction is fast, economical and green, and is the preferred material for all kinds of KTV and entertainment venues.

It is because the various properties of lightweight partition board are very superior, so its use range is very wide, is considered by all kinds of builders and customer is one of the most ideal and use of building materials at this stage.