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Three Minutes To Show You The Classification Of Ecological Resins
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Resin board, ecological resin board, resin decorative board, resin transparent panel... Maybe you don't have a lot of concepts and knowledge about these professional decorative materials, so I will bring you to learn about this piece of knowledge today.

First of all, let's study the classification of ecological resin board.

Natural elements

This series is to bring the organic connection of nature into an aesthetic such as real space, let you experience the beauty of natural fashion. Plant roots, stems, leaves, leaf, flower, flower petals, branches, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, mini birch branches, grass, tree bark, switch and so on from the elements of nature, arranged in various design modelling, any way arrangement, a layer to the arrangement of multilayer, natural style ecological resin plate let a person in the noisy city to find the peace.

Industrial elements

This series shows the geometry of the city, full of vitality and variety. It collects handmade gold foil, silver foil, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, various shapes of gold wire, silver wire, copper wire; Broken colored glass beads, various shells, shell fragments; Various weaving methods of gold mesh, silver mesh, copper network and other weaving nets; Even recycled cans can be recycled into a unique design of the texture ecological resin board. Its products are highly transparent, excellent impact resistance, especially suitable for thick wall molding transparent products, processing and shaping its excellent performance and can be carried out in accordance with the intention of the designers of any shape design, can use the traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blister, molding method, can be widely applied in the plate sheet, high-performance shrinkable film, bottles and profiles etc in the market, at the same time, the second time processing performance is good, can undertake conventional machining.

Wood veneer elements

This a series of natural wood veneer, wood science and technology, different lines, different style, different dyeing process, different hollow out wood veneer, different thickness, wood chips, wood chips, wood, wood, wood, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo board, bamboo piece can be compound package in ecological resin plate, you can imagine this kind of technology in the field of decoration wonderful details design elements.

Fabric series

This series of soft, translucent, woven, transparent panels evoke a natural and elegant scene. Cotton, linen, wool, polyester, chemical fiber, fiber woven cloth, such as lines, all kinds of decorative pattern, various color, various light transmittance, the line of various fashion, clearly visible textile texture is used as a plank to decorate your wall, pervious to light condole top, pervious to light partition, pervious to light door; Especially when the fabric is superimposed, the wrong layer, the water grain feeling, let you all be enamored.